Welcome to the teachnlearn online tutoring community! You are an important part of this community in growing teachnlearn to be a safe and thriving marketplace.

To achieve that, we have set out some house rules and regulations “Rules” so that you can easily understand the Rules of engagement and boundaries. Please read this agreement carefully before using our platform, and engaging our services.

By using teachnlearn or signing up for an account on our platform, you are agreeing to the terms set forth here. Now, let us start with the basic definitions in this agreement.

teachnlearn (referred to as “teachnlearn ” or “Platform” or “We”) is an online tutoring marketplace offered through the URL https://teachnlearn.io/ (referred to as the “Website”), that allows you to register and be connected to tutors or tutees for the purpose of conducting online tuition. As a user of the Platform or representative of an entity using the Platform, you will be referred as a “User” or “You” in this agreement. The “Terms” define the Terms of Use under which you are allowed to use the Platform. If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please do not hesitant to contact us at [email protected].

For Tutors
Upon your registration as a tutor with teachnlearn, you are required to inform us of the following:
  • have a criminal record in Singapore.
  • have been charged or convicted in a court of law in any other country.
  • have a history of nervous or medical conditions.
  • have been suspended, discharged or dismissed from the services of any employer.
If you have an incidence/ encounter with any of the above, please provide us with the details at registration by emailing us at [email protected]. All details will be kept strictly confidential. Omission or fraudulent declaration may result in:
  • immediate termination of teachnlearn’s agreement with the User as a registered tutor on the Platform.
  • subsequent prosecution by relevant parties in a civil/criminal court of law.
Users are not allowed to advertise or promote any other website or business on our Platform. As a tutor using the Platform, you are expected to respect the partnership with teachnlearn. When you are approached by a User through teachnlearn, You are expected to use our services (online classroom, booking and payment portal, and customer services). If You try to circumvent this by taking Users offline, we will terminate your account. If you are currently working with other online education platform or tuition agency, please inform teachnlearn via an email at [email protected]. Strictly no agency listings without permission from teachnlearn.


In order to use teachnlearn, You are required to do the following:
  1. Complete the registration form
  2. Provide true, complete and up-to-date contact information
  3. Agree to the Terms of Use.
By using teachnlearn, You represent and warrant that all information provided above is accurate, You abide by all governing laws of Singapore, and You use the Platform with the highest ethical and moral standards.

teachnlearn may refuse service, close accounts of any Users, and change eligibility requirements at any time.

The Terms begin when you sign up for teachnlearn and continue as long as you are registered on the Platform. By setting up an account and providing all the requested information therein, you have undertaken to agree and comply with our Terms represented here. If you have signed up for teachnlearn on behalf of a company or other entity, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to accept the Term on their behalf.

We may change details in the Terms by providing an updated/revised Terms of Use on our Website and/ or by sending an email notification to User’s last email address within ten (10) days of change. Unless the User terminates his/her account in writing within ten (10) days, the new Terms will be effective immediately and apply to any continued or new User of teachnlearn. We may change the Website, the Platform, or any features of the Platform at any time.

Account and Password
You are responsible for keeping your account name and password confidential. You are also responsible for any account that you have access to, whether or not you authorized the use. You will immediately notify teachnlearn of any unauthorised use of your accounts. teachnlearn is not responsible for any losses due to stolen or hacked passwords. teachnlearn does not have access to your current password, and for security reasons, may only reset your password.

User must register with a valid personal email address that they access regularly so that notification and emails can be sent to them. If a user registers with someone else’s email address, or with temporary email addresses, then his registration may be terminated without notice. We may require Users to re-validate their registration if we believe they have been using an invalid email address. We reserve the right to terminate a registration if we cannot validate authenticity of the User.

Your account will be deactivated if left unused for six months. If a User wishes to re-activate account, please write in to [email protected] with Account Name and Registered Email.

Account Disputes
teachnlearn is not privy to the inner workings of a user’s organization or the nature of their personal relationships, and will not arbitrate disputes over who owns an account. User shall not request access to or information about an account that is not theirs, and shall resolve any account-related disputes directly with the other party. teachnlearn determines ownership of an account based on the registered email associated with the account. In case of conflict, teachnlearn reserves the right to make the final decision on account ownership.


Credit Cards

All active tutee accounts are required to use valid credit card information and authorise payments on the Platform to deduct tuition charges against the credit card.

Anyone using a credit card represents and warrants that they are authorised to use the credit card, and any/ all charges that may be billed to the credit card will not be rejected. If we are unable to process your credit card order, we will attempt to contact you via email to re-process credit card payment. If you remain uncontactable, the associated account will be suspended until payment is re-processed and approved.

teachnlearn uses Stripe as our online payment platform. User shall be subjected to the terms of payment, processing and credit cards related transactions.

Please visit their link to find out more: https://stripe.com/us/privacy.


Any refund requests must be submitted in writing to teachnlearn to [email protected]. Refund requests shall be reviewed by the Team on a case-by-case basis. Any approved refund payment will be credited to the User’s account within 10 business days.


If a User is suspected to be compromising any Terms, applicable laws and regulations, and/ or falsely reporting lesson duration, teachnlearn will suspend the User’s account with immediate effect. The User’s account may be reactivated once an investigation has been completed.

teachnlearn reserves the right to withhold any payable fees to facilitate investigations, and will only release payment to the tutor after the investigation is completed.

If a User is found to be have engaged in any fraudulent activities or provided inaccurate lesson information, teachnlearn reserves the right to demand reimbursement of paid lessons, and User shall be responsible for all chargebacks and/ or refund requests for online lessons performed.


While we work to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our Service, we understand that you may have occasional unsatisfactory experience.

If you do have an unsatisfactory lesson, please let us know about your experience within 48 hours so that we may investigate and improve our service. To report an unsatisfactory lesson, you may call us during business hours at +65 6635 2375, or email us with the following information:

1. Date and time of lesson
2. Reason for requested refund
3. Have you discussed with Tutor/ Student and agreed to the issue?

If our review findings determine that your lesson did not meet the standard of quality, we will refund all or a portion of the fees back to you. Our decision will be final and binding.


Proprietary Rights of Platform
User shall respect all teachnlearn proprietary rights and software of the Website including but not limited to patents, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, and copyrights.

Right to Review Account
teachnlearn may view, edit, and internally distribute content from user’s account and create algorithms and programs (referred to as “Tools”) that will assist in the accuracy of matching tutors and students. Account information may be used to take action against Users who violate Terms or governing laws of Singapore.

If the User is unhappy with any Lesson, he must report his concerns to teachnlearn within 48 hours of the end of the Lesson. We shall then investigate the concerns and, if appropriate, arrange a refund. Our decision will be final and binding.

Reporting Abuse
If you suspect any User violating any Terms, please notify our Team immediately. If you are being harassed or spammed by another existing User, please report it to our Team immediately.

If a User fails to abide by all Terms and or disrupts any of our Services in any way, we may use available information we have of the User to stop any further such breaches, which may include suspension or termination of account. We may inform relevant third parties such as the police, your employer, school or email provider about the infringement. We reserve the right to take action against any User or any account, at our full discretion.


Confidential Information
Users of the Platform may have access to ‘Confidential Information’ during their term of use with teachnlearn.

‘Confidential Information’ shall mean all information, in whole or in part, that is disclosed by teachnlearn, or any participant or User of Platform, or any employee, member, or agent thereof, that is non-public, confidential or proprietary in nature.

Confidential Information also includes current, future, and proposed information about the business, operations, trade secrets, know-how, technology, sales and marketing materials, services, products, employees, clients, financial information, or any knowledge gained through examination or observation of or access to the premises, computer systems and/ or software of teachnlearn.

User agrees to keep confidential all “Confidential Information” relating to the teachnlearn and the Platform in strict confidence, and will use the same precautions, care and discretion to avoid misappropriation or other disclosure of Confidential information with reasonable care.

Liability Waiver
To the maximum extent permitted by law, User shall assume full responsibility for any loss that results from use of the Website and the Platform, including any downloads from the Website.

Under no circumstances shall teachnlearn and/ or its contractual partners, any of its affiliates, shareholders, directors, employees, or subsidiaries be liable for any damages, whether direct, indirect, punitive, special, or consequential damages, arising out of or in any way resulting from negligence, even if teachnlearn and/ or its partners have been advised of the possibility of those damages.

Force Majeure
teachnlearn will not be held liable for any delays or failure in performance of any part of the Platform, from any cause beyond our control. This includes, but is not limited to, acts of God, changes to law or regulations, embargoes, war, terrorist acts, riots, fires, earthquakes, nuclear accidents, floods, strikes, power blackouts, and acts of hackers / third-party internet service providers.

Disclaimer of Warranties
To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, teachnlearn provides its services and products ‘As Is’ without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.

Indemnity Clause
Each member shall release and indemnify, save and hold harmless teachnlearn and all its subsidiaries, other Users, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents from any and all losses, damages, costs, fines, claims, actions, or proceedings of every kind and character which may be presented or initiated by any other persons or organizations and which arise directly or indirectly from the actions of the user with the participation in or use of the Platform.

Governing Law
The Terms of Use at teachnlearn shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Singapore.
Latest update: September 5, 2018

By signing up for user account and submitting user profile information, I have agreed, read and accepted the teachnlearn Terms of Use.

– END –