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What is teachnlearn?

We are an online tutoring platform offering students and tutors an interactive online classroom, booking system and learning tools. You can choose from our pool of tutors who offer lessons over a wide range of subjects. All tutoring sessions will take place on our online classroom which runs on your web browser.

How do I engage a tutor?
Simply sign up for a free account, select the subjects you need help with and our matching system will filter out a list of qualified tutors for you. Next, decide on the most suitable tutor for your learning needs then select the available lesson slots that fit your schedule. Our tutors will respond to you as soon as they get a notification of your booking.
Who are the tutors?
Our tutors are experienced in the Singapore school syllabus with professional background ranging from MOE certified educators, ex-teachers, fresh graduates to part and full-time tutors. You are welcome to read students’ feedback to help decide on the right tutor for your specific learning needs.
When can I use teachnlearn?
Our website is available 24/7. Currently, our online classroom operates from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM so you can have online lessons within those times!
Can I replay my tutoring sessions?
Yes! Log on to your account and click on the “History” tab. Choose the session you want to replay and click “Start”.
Is there a free trial class for me?
We offer a free demo session for you to explore our online classroom functions with one of our experienced instructors.
Can I have online lessons with my tutor while I’m overseas?
Yes you can! As long as you have an internet connection and laptop, you can have an online class!
How long are my lessons available for replay?
Your recorded lessons will be available for replay up to one month.
Who should I contact for help?
You can send us an email, call (+65 6635 2375) or WhatsApp us (+65 8234 7289). Our office operating hours are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

How am I charged for tutoring sessions?

Package prices are clearly displayed on our website. We aim to provide fair and competitive tutoring rates according to grade levels. Your debit/credit card will be charged once the tutor accepts your online classroom booking.

How long is each tutoring session?
Each session is scheduled for ½ hour. You are able to book multiple sessions with a tutor depending on your tutoring needs. All these can be easily arranged via our online calendar system.
What if I need extra tutoring time?
You can simply book another session with your tutor based on their calendar availability. While the session is still ongoing, open a new browser page and book the next available time slot. If the tutor is not available, you can book another session at a later time.
How do I change or cancel a confirmed session?
We do not recommend changing or cancelling confirmed lessons unless it is absolutely necessary. In the event that you need to change or cancel a session, go to the “Session box”, click on “See more details” followed by “Cancel”. You can cancel the lesson with at least 48 hours’ notice and re-book lesson based on the tutor’s availability and agreement. A parent/ student can cancel a lesson 48 hours before the lesson at no charge. Refunds will be reflected on your account within 10 business days. If the rescheduling/cancellation request is less than 48 hours before the scheduled lesson, the full tutor fee will be charged. The tutor may decide to allow for rescheduling at the tutor’s discretion.
What is teachnlearn’s refund policy?
Online lessons can be cancelled and refunded at least 48 hours before the lesson is due to start. Please contact your tutor in the first instance you decide to re-schedule the lesson. If you do not receive a response, please email us with the following information within 48 hours of the original lesson time: Date and time of lesson, reason for requested refund and the name of your Tutor. All refund requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Amount refunded will be reflected on your payment record after 5-10 business days.
Do I get a refund due to technical problems?
If a lesson is unable be conducted due to technical difficulties on either end, our advice is to first check the FAQ for a solution. If you can’t solve the issue, our team is available to assist Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm. Regrettably, we are not able to make refunds for technical issues outside of our control.
Are there any system requirements?
Yes. A good quality headset and/or microphone are required for the video & voice chat. The recommended internet speed is 14Mbps. We strongly recommend using Google Chrome to experience the best performance.
How do I pay for lessons?
A debit or credit card is required to book sessions with your preferred tutor on teachnlearn. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Amex, for making payments online. You have the option to store your credit card information on your secured student account for future bookings. teachnlearn uses Stripe as a software platform to process online payments. You can visit their link to find out more: https://stripe.com/us/privacy.
How do I communicate with my tutor via your platform?
You can communicate with your tutor using the video/ audio chats, messaging features and the interactive whiteboard.
What are some of the whiteboard features?
You can utilise the drawing tools to draw lines, shapes or write freehand. You can also type, fill, erase and undo your last action. There are tabs to create additional whiteboard pages, advanced functions for formulas and uploading files and videos. We encourage students to explore the whiteboard functions to maximise their online learning experience!


What is teachnlearn?

We are an online tutoring platform offering students and tutors an interactive online classroom, booking system and learning tools. You can list your tutor profile, the range of subjects and levels you teach, and available time slots. All tutoring lessons will take place on our online classroom which runs on your web browser.

Why tutor on teachnlearn?
You are an important part of the growing online community of educators. As a tutor, you can connect with students through our platform and utilise our online classrooms to conduct personalised 1-to-1 tutoring sessions. You will save time and money traveling, whilst maximising your time teaching.
Do I qualify as a teachnlearn tutor?
We are always on the lookout for passionate and dedicated educators with a minimum of 3 years relevant experience. All tutors are required to complete their online profile with accurate information, and provide the following documentations:
  • Short profile write-up
  • Highest educational qualification
  • Any academic and/or professional achievements
Our team will review your application and respond through an email notification within 3 working days.
How do I apply to become a tutor?
You can simply sign up on our teachnlearn website. Fill in the online form and submit your application. Tutors will go through an interview process with our team to determine suitability. If you have any questions during the sign-up process, please do not hesitate to contact our team
How can I list my services?
As an online tutor, you are highly encouraged to provide an introduction of your experience and indicate your expertise to help parents and students to make their best decision in engaging the right tutor. We welcome testimonials from your students and fellow tutors too!
How do I know when students book me for a session?
You should enter your available time slots on your teachnlearn online calendar so that students can make a booking with you. As soon as there is a booking, we will send you an email notification for your confirmation.
When can I schedule sessions?
Our teachnlearn platform allows flexibility to suit your schedule. Currently, our online classroom operates from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM so you can teach online within those times!
Are there any system requirements?
Yes. For a start, you require a good quality headset and/or microphone for video & voice chat. We highly recommend a writing tablet for you to fully utilise all the teaching functions. The internet connection should be at least 14Mbps and we recommend Chrome web browser to experience the best performance.
What are some of the whiteboard features?
You can utilise the drawing tools to draw lines, shapes or write freehand. You can also type, fill, erase and undo last action. There are tabs to create additional whiteboard pages, advanced functions for formulas and upload files and videos. We encourage tutors to utilise the whiteboard functions in order to make the most of their students’ online learning experience!
How do I share my assessment worksheets to my students?
You can utilize the tool functions available on the interactive whiteboard. This will enable you to upload files or photos (from your handphone or scanned images) to your students which are located on the top right-hand corner of the white board.
Can my student extend the tutoring session?
You will be given an option to extend your online session 5 minutes before the lesson ends. You can also have your student open a new Windows tab to book additional sessions.
Can I use my own educational resources to teach my students?
Yes. As long as the resources are relevant to the local education syllabus and adds value to the student’s learning experience, we welcome every tutor’s unique way of teaching.
Can I still conduct online classes while I’m overseas?
Yes you can! So long you have an internet connection and a laptop, you can have an online class.
Can I use a graphics tablet while teaching on the teachnlearn platform?
Yes! It will be extremely helpful especially if you are teaching Chinese or other languages.
How do I explore the online teaching tools?
You can book an appointment with one of our instructors for a live demo session where we will guide you through the online tools. Book a session here.
Can I conduct group tuition?
Our platform is focused on personalised 1-to-1 tuition.
How do I get paid?
We make collecting payments much easier for you through our online payment system. parents/ students pay for bookings before they take place and this payment is collected by teachnlearn on behalf of our tutors. Lessons are paid directly into your bank account on twice a month basis. All lessons paid must be completed using the TNL platform. Payment cut-off dates are scheduled on the 8th and 23rd of each month. Payments are deposited into your bank account on the 15th and last day of each month. Should the payment date fall on a public holiday or weekend, payments will be deposited on the next working day.
Why is my banking information required?
Payments will be transferred to your bank account for the tutoring sessions you have completed.
How do I provide my banking information?
Once your registration is confirmed, we will be requesting for your bank details. Only Singapore registered bank accounts are allowed at this moment. We will handle your personal information with utmost confidentiality and will only use it for relevant processing.
How do I cancel and refund a lesson?
We do not recommend cancellation of confirmed sessions unless it is absolutely necessary. In the event that you need to cancel a session, go to the “Session box”, click on “See more details” followed by “Cancel”. We recommend at least 48 hours advanced notice to the student. Tutor fees will be fully refunded to the parents/ student. Tutor may cancel a maximum of 3 lessons per month. TNL reserves the right to terminate a tutor for excessive cancellations.
My student or parent has asked for my personal contact details. What should I do?
We do not advise giving out personal details such as phone numbers or home addresses. We will not be able to work with the students or parents to resolve any disputes if communication is done outside our platform. You should be able to communicate easily on teachnlearn during the online lessons. If you are having trouble getting hold of your student/ parent, please reach us for help at [email protected] or via WhatsApp (+65 8234 7289).
Can I take the students I met on teachnlearn offline?
As a Tutor using the platform, you are expected to respect the partnership with teachnlearn; when you are approached by a User through teachnlearn, we expect you to use our services (online classroom, payment portal and customer service). If you try to circumvent this by taking Users offline, we will terminate your account.
Can I be listed on teachnlearn if I am working with other educational companies?
If you are currently working with other online education platform or tuition agency, please inform teachnlearn via an email. Strictly no agency listings without permission from teachnlearn.
What if I decide not to use teachnlearn after signing up as a tutor?
We really hope that our tutors will have a great experience using teachnlearn and continue to stay on. If you no longer wish to use our platform, please send us an email at [email protected] to delete your account.
How do I become a Featured Tutor?
We work closely with our community of tutors to ascertain if they are suited to be our Featured Tutors. This is a great way to get more exposure with students! Do write to us to find out more!
Who should I contact if I have any questions or problems?
You can chat with us through our chatbox. Alternatively, you can send us an email, call (+65 6635 2375) or Whatsapp us (+65 8234 7289). Our operating hours for our Whatsapp line is from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Your feedback is valuable to help us do better.


What browser should I use for using the online classroom?
We recommend using the latest versions of Chrome, FireFox or Opera browser for the best online classroom experience. For Mac OS users, compatibility is limited to Safari Version 11 browser. Internet Explorer is not supported. Microsoft Edge browser is supported but is not recommended.
Is my internet speed fast enough to use your platform?
The minimum bandwidth required is 14Mbps. Most internet connections in Singapore are faster than the minimum requirement.
How can I be informed of promotions?
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Do subscribe to our mailing list so you will be updated on our latest promotions!
Will my basic laptop work?
You only need a microphone or headset with an integrated microphone to participate in the online audio chat and a webcam for the live video chat.
Do I need to get a tablet device?
Students are not required to have a tablet, but it will be beneficial for all Chinese, Maths and Science tutors to have one to enhance the tutoring experience.
How do I share documents in the lesson space?
You can simply use the upload function to upload documents.
How often can I replay my online lessons?
You can replay them as often as you require. They are available on your dashboard for up to one month!
I can’t hear my student/ tutor…
Check your audio settings. You may have to change the default microphone and sound device connected to your headset if you are using one. Please do a sound test before your session starts. Alternatively, check that your browser has the permission to use the microphone and webcam on our webpage.

Latest update: 17 September 2018